Save more time and effort setting up templates, inputs, and integrations. By running calculations on Vena’s servers, get an added boost in performance with any recurring business logic – from headcount models to currency conversions.

Quickly review and monitor every template change from every user in one, central audit trail. Identify and respond to errors and inconsistencies as they arise to save time and resources.

Enhanced Audit Trails

Enjoy the simplified, intuitive design with Vena’s new contributor experience. Available now as the default contributor interface.

Full Office 365

New Contributor Experience

Manage data quickly and efficiently with Office 365, from viewing reports to entering data in online Excel. Vena’s contributor experience is now available in Office Online with a click of a button.

Never miss a due date again. Create automated email notifications for end users on upcoming due dates for tasks and processes.

Due Date Email Notifications

Review reports and approve tasks with complete mobility. With Vena’s mobile support, connect with your data anytime, anywhere from any device.

Mobile Support

Design, report and get insights in seconds with Vena's latest product release. With the new Vena Ad Hoc Analysis, Vena users can slice-and-dice their data, drill to details, and perform analytics with a layout that is easy to use and share. On-demand, Vena users can extend their Ad Hoc reports to add custom calculations, formatting and graphical views to conduct high quality analysis and navigate data based on their unique view of the business.

This release also showcases some of the other exciting features and enhancements that Vena’s product team has been working on in recent months, including:

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Template Automation

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Welcome to Intuitive and Insightful Data Analysis
Introducing the New Vena Ad Hoc Analysis

  • Improved Manager Interface
  • Interactive Status Tracker
  • New Mapping Efficiencies
  • Integration and Modelling Enhancements

Full List of New Features by Vena User 

Ad Hoc Analysis - Design, report and get insights in seconds with Vena’s Ad Hoc Analysis. The new, intuitive user experience gives you direct access to your data, for deeper more insightful analysis. Ad Hoc Analysis from Vena is built to work the way that you think, offering intelligent data analysis within the comfort and flexibility of Excel.  

Improved Manager Interface - Experience the new and improved Vena Manager Interface. Now you can navigate more easily across folders, processes and tasks, with fewer clicks and significantly faster load times. Coupled with new and improved search and filtering options, Vena lets you focus on what really matters to you and your business.

New Interactive Status Tracker – Vena’s new status tracker provides even more traceable metrics so managers can track all of their business processes in a single view – including overdue tasks, percentage of tasks completed, and a calendar view of tasks status – ensuring they stay on top and in control of all their projects and processes. 

New Mapping Efficiencies & Enhancements

Welcome to the New Mapping Summary - Quickly and easily understand your templates with the new Mapping Summary. Accounts, departments, and business units are conveniently summarized so updates and changes are reflected in your templates within seconds. 

Improved Mapping Efficiencies - Automatically map rows, columns pages, and form variables with fewer clicks. Improved static mappings will automatically be entered into a selected members’ area and, when members do not match, it’s easy to use the intuitive member swap feature.

Now Re-Use Row and Column Mappings - Save time when mapping templates with the new Copy and Paste feature. Speed up the mapping process when consolidating templates into a single file with the user-friendly copy and paste template row, column and page mappings.

New Files Audit Enhancements - Quickly audit all your template data and review who made what data saves when, with Vena’s new preview and export intersections capability. Managers can now preview and export specific intersections that were saved with each Data Save.

Enhanced Power BI Integrations - Further streamline Power BI and Vena data integrations. Uncover new insights in seconds using Vena’s enhanced data integrations and deliver these insights throughout your organization with beautiful reports and dashboards.

Data Export Enhancements - Now do more with your data and export any or all your data sets from Vena’s centralized database. Export computed, on-demand values from Vena – including data computed on the fly, roll-ups, read calcs and calculated members.

Drill into Calcs for Better Insight - Now drill into calcs to more easily debug them and give further insight into what values they produce.


Enhanced Sandbox Replication - Now further enhance your cloned production environments by safely migrating data models and hierarchies. With processes, integrations and data models now easily cloned for testing and modeling, separate development environments are possible!

Welcome to Intuitive and Intelligent Data Analysis
Introducing the New Vena Ad Hoc Analysis

Welcome to Intuitive and Intelligent Data Analysis
Introducing the New Vena Ad Hoc Analysis

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New Vena Ad Hoc Analysis